Colorful umbrellas representing various marketing channels

Emaymar is headquartered in Karachi (Pakistan) and specializes in Online Marketing & Web Analytics. Established in 2011, we offer a complete, one-stop solution for companies that are interested in online marketing. We have a diverse marketing services portfolio that deals in both organic and paid methods with complete Google Analytics support.

We cater to the local as well as the international market. Account managers assigned to clients are Google/Bing certified while we also have a Google Analytics Certified Professional to assist with reporting & decision making.

Our Core Values:

We value, believe in & practice honesty, integrity & transparency. Honesty means we will give you honest advice that’s in the best of your interest even if that means a loss for us. Integrity means we will do our best to fulfill our commitments and will ensure we keep you informed in case of any unforeseen event. And transparency means we will be transparent with you, in strategies & methods we use, and in acknowledging our mistakes if we make one.