Search Engine Optimization

SEO work spans 2 main areas: on-site & off-site. In On-Site SEO, we review & audit the website to ensure it has optimal site architecture, internal linking, sitemap format, robots.txt, content strategy and title/meta tags amongst other things. We also audit and fix Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools accounts, which collectively enable us to find SEO-related issues. Due to recent Google updates (Panda & Penguin) since 2011, duplicate content & keyword spamming have resulted in penalties for various sites. We work to ensure that our clients don’t attract any penalties from Google and advice the client on changes necessary in this regard. For Off-Site SEO, we mainly work on building links. This is an area where we must get an informed consent from the client. There are riskier methods of building links that cost less and bring results faster. On the other hand, there are safer methods that cost more & take more time to bring results. In any case, we strive to build links that are natural. For more information on packages, please contact us as we create customized strategies for each client.

What to Expect:

Professional SEOs don’t offer any guaranteed rankings; in fact, Google specifically tells businesses to beware of SEOs that offer guaranteed rankings. That’s because Google’s algorithms changes continuously and there can be a penalty from the work of your previous SEO teams. We analyze your industry and competition to come up with a suitable strategy. If you are already penalized by Google, please get back to us and we can discuss a proposal to first get the penalty removed before we can do further work. What you can expect from us is a serious tangible effort that you will be able to witness yourself and improvements in your traffic which take anywhere from 3-6 months to materialize.