From 50K/month to Over 600K! Affan Laghari

"Affan and I have been working together since 2009. At this time my organization was receiving about 50 thousand monthly visits. Now, 5 years later, we receive over 600 thousand visits each month. Affan deserves a significant portion of the credit for this achievement. Although it always takes a team for a company to be successful, if it were not for Affan's SEO and online marketing guidance my company would not be enjoying the success it has today. Without exaggeration I can say that Affan is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful persons I know when it comes to SEO and I have often relied on his analysis and synthesis of various problems and opportunities. Over the years Affan has demonstrated that he's not only intelligent, he's wise, and most importantly trustworthy. He's become a trusted adviser who I value enormously. Although there are large cultural differences between us and we've never met in person, I trust Affan the way best friends do."